Smart socket, semi-flush

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The new standard for sockets.

The first installation product that eliminates the need for smart plugs. ZigBee, 16Ampere and as safe as a regular electrical outlet.

A smart socket enables light control of free-standing lamps, remote control of heaters and automation of other electrical products without the addition of plugs or adapters.


Endless possibilities for smart solutions


Get control of your power consumption

Switch on / off free-standing heaters according to temperature from the thermostat or the weather


Full automation of retro lamps

Turn on table lamps or other lighting in the room automatically after sunset, and avoid having to press unavailable switches

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Start the day with your favorite radio

Turn on the radio automatically when getting up and off when you go to work


Focus on safety

Turn the socket into a safety net. You can set the socket to automatically turn off after 5 minutes of use, handy for your ironing station

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